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 Quality Control has always been our sovereign priority. At Tocom we hold all of our employees accountable and responsible for the quality of the product or service they provide. Our Quality Team has developed and implemented clear and understandable quality standards. Quality training, reviews, and audits are conducted periodically; this approach allows the employees to practice product defect prevention while operating at 100% capacity. Our Supply Management Team focuses on supplier selection, OEM partners, product fulfillment, supply stability, and the highest quality of material available.

Quality Policy

 Good Design
 Scientific Management
 Total Quality Management
  Customer Satisfaction

Quality Target

Producing Eligibility: ≥95%
 Finished Inspection Eligibility: ≥98%
 Delivery on Time: ≥99%
 Customer Return: ≤0.3%

Quality Assurance

 Insist on quality first, provide top products
 Insist on cost efficient, provide top service
 Insist on advanced management, enhancing economic efficiency

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