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  Focus on providing Fiber optical passive and active components and modules, Tocom Technology Co., Ltd. aims to be a leading professional supplier for customers all over the world. With years of experience in providing all kinds of fiber optic products, Tocom has been continually growing and expanding the product lines to keep up with the pace of industry trends.

  With our wide range of optical components and modules in Tocom, you could always get the right solution for fiber optical line products. The main products we could supply so far include optical cable, fiber optical patch cord and accessories, Fiber Optical Splice Closure, ODF, optical coupler and splitter, CWDM, DWDM, Isolator, Hybrid, optical transceiver, EDFA and so on, and there are always new products being designed and provided in Tocom. We are also very willing to discuss and design the new products according to customer’s prototype or requirement.

   Our experienced sales, technical support and engineering staff are dedicated to understanding your requirements and designing products & solutions to meet your special needs. Meanwhile, our advanced manufacturing teams enable the production and supply of exceptionally high quality and performance at any time.

  Tocom Technology aims to add value to your business by high quality product, competitive price and fast delivery. It’s our ultimate goal and honor to help our customer to compete and win in the severe market, hope we could be one of sincere partners for you.

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