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Our products are designed, produced, and used in the high-speed transmission and broadband networking of product line applications where the highest quality is critical on demand. During the production process, many crucial details such as production procedures, accuracy of testing, proper packaging, and product handling regulation are essential for final build and delivery.

QA System

Input Quality Control
Based upon a complete input inspecting criterion

AQL CR=0;MA=0.4;MI=1.5

Process Control
Do things right at the first time. Quality is truly everyone’s
job. Each individual in Tocom has the responsibility for defect-free operations.

Final & Output Quality Control
Institute a whole FQC and OQC criterion
Implement the defect return criterion strictly
Implement a defect handle and improve procedure

Quality analysis with control methods
Histogram Diagram
Pareto Analyze Diagram
Cause-effect Diagram
Run Chart
Flow Chart

Advanced Inspecting Equipments and Instruments
Product introduction-equipment

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